This is Who We Are

The Leach family of the Mettawee Valley.
southern Vermont is in our blood.

Since 1831

James Leach moved his family to this valley after the Revolutionary War. In 1831, his son, James Jr., bought a farmhouse
and property that would become Woodlawn Farmstead.
At one time, from East Rupert to Pawlet Village,
ten separate Leach family farms dotted the landscape along the beautiful Mettawee River.


Tim and Dot with oldest son Seth

Tim and Dot raised the 7th generation at Woodlawn and then moved next door. Tim is still a fixture on the farm, where “retirement” means overseeing the sweet corn and maple syrup production and making daily rounds with Ruby, the farm’s latest English Shepherd. 




Seth and Kate with their boys Logan and James

Seth and his wife Kate live in original Woodlawn farmhouse with their two boys, Logan and James, and combine the traditions of Vermont farming with the creativity required to be a small farm in the modern economy. 

“Even if a farmer intends to loaf, he gets up in time to get an early start.”

Edgar Watson Howe