Woodlawn Farm Products

From Our Farm to Your Kitchen

The Old Milkhouse

8128 VT Rt 30, Pawlet, VT 05761

Open daily from 8AM to 6PM!


We are proud to feature our products in our
Old Milkhouse farm store.

Everything we sell either comes from our farm—
Wagyu beef, maple syrup, Cabot butter, and outstanding cheeses
made with our milk
—or from the farms
of our friends in and around the beautiful Mettawee Valley. 

Come by for Walnut Hill Farm pork and charcuterie;
Yoder Farm cider vinegar and veggies;
Grandpa’s Stuff Maple Cream while supplies last.
And the weekly fresh seafood pickup from Liberty Farm and Fish!

Cash, check, and credit cards accepted in the Farm Store; cash and check only for Liberty Farm and Fish.



Wagyu Beef

Fed by the bounty of the Mettawee Valley, our beef is beautifully marbled, locally raised, and delicious. Available in primal (restaurant) cuts, shares, or individual cuts and packages at The Old Milkhouse farm store.

Wagyu Beef Shares

Looking to stock up? We offer whole cow, 1/2 share, 1/4 share, and 1/8 share options. Email for information about price and availability at woodlawnfarmvt@gmail.com.

Sweetcorn/Summer Crops

It’s not summer if there’s no sweet corn, and our corn is the sweetest. Every year, we carve out an acre for sweet corn; it is picked daily and available whenever the signs are out in the late days of summer. Our sunflowers are the talk of the valley, and Kate’s summer vegetable garden always yields more than the family can eat.

Maple Syrup

Leach family maple syrup is a labor of love, reaffirmed every fall as Tim Leach cuts and splits the wood for the evaporator and checks and mends the sap lines, and every late winter in the hours spent feeding the fire and boiling down the sap. 

Want to know more? Check out our Woodlawn Farm maple syrup video!


Cabot Butter

Our milk goes into Cabot Butter and other milk products such as yogurt. Drop into the store to see what is in stock.


We carry:

  • Plymouth Artisan cheeses
  • Crowley Cheese
  • Hildene seasonal cheeses
  • Cabot Cheeses and milk products



Once a week, Seth takes his milk truck with 25,000 lbs of milk to Plymouth Cheese.  His milk is the only milk they use.  The same with Crowley Cheese and Hildene.  Cabot has used his milk through the co-op for years.

Vermont has so many world-famous artisanal cheesemakers and these four producers rely on Seth to deliver raw milk from which cheese is made. Why? Because of its quality and consistency.


Plymouth Artisan Cheese

Made exclusively with Woodlawn Farmstead milk, Plymouth cheeses are crafted, cut and waxed by hand — just like they were more than 125 years ago on the Plymouth homestead.

Featured in Oprah’s Favorite Things (2015), Food & Wine (2016), the Today Show (2019), and CBS This Morning (2021).


Crowley Cheese

Award-winning Crowley Cheese has been made in the Green Mountains of Vermont from the same recipe, in the same manner, since 1824, and from Woodlawn milk since 20XX. It’s cheese the way it used to be—all natural, with no additives or preservatives. Pure, simple, delicious: cheese that everyone will love. 



Hildene, the Lincoln Family Home and dairy in Manchester, Vermont, makes their Cow Tomme every winter exclusively with Woodlawn Farmstead’s milk. With a firm texture and a nice balance of bright tartness, Cow Tomme has a creamy, buttery flavor similar to a mild cheddar. Available seasonally.


Produced by farmer-owned co-op Agrimark, Cabot has been a proud Vermont brand since 1919. Woodlawn Farmstead milk goes into Cabot’s award-winning cheeses, butters, and other dairy products.  

Our Extended Family of Products
for 200 years the leach family has tilled the land of the mettAwee valley

At one point there were 10 Extended Leach family farms from one end to the other of the valley.
We know everyone and they know us.
We are proud to feature their products in 
The Old Milkhouse farm store.

Liberty Farm and Fish

Once a week, James (“Surf n’ Turf”) Elworthy takes a trip to the Boston docks to pick up fish and shellfish for clients he has served for many years.  Talk about fresh!

He is also an integral part of Woodlawn Farm taking care of cattle and crop.  He is part of the extended family that makes the farm run.  We are excited that he is letting us in on these weekly offerings by delivering to The Old Milkhouse on Wednesdays. 

To enjoy Liberty Farm and Fish, get on James’s email list by sending a note to elworthyj@gmail.com.



Look for the Liberty Farm and Fish email every Saturday and get your order in by 10am on Monday! Weekly options often include: Faroe Island Salmon, Cod, Haddock, Sole, and Ahi Tuna—all fish comes in 1 lb packages unless otherwise noted.


Liberty Farm also offers fantastic shellfish, including: 

  • Gulf Shrimp
  • Prince Edward Island Mussels
  • Cape Cod Oysters
  • Rock Crab Meat
  • Scallops, and
  • Maine Lobster. 

Yoder Farm cider vinegar and veggies



We, Ryan and Rachel,  did not grow up on a farm, but we are thankful that our kids, Asa and Taurin, get to. Our family farm has a wonderful sense of community,  endless open spaces to play and explore, and offers us the ability to be a part of something that is much bigger than seed, soil, and sweat. We are grateful and feel blessed to farm this beautiful land.

Cider Vinegar

“Yoder Farm is … producing a bunch of different, diverse calories off of a little piece of land here in Danby. And we’re growing things like beans and popcorn and vegetables. Strawberries, raspberries, apples, chickens.”


“It’s that idea that … you buy your produce from me, that money recirculates – and you buy it from Price Chopper, 90 percent of it leaves the state. It’s like, ‘Duh, why would we not want to keep our money in the state as much as possible?’


On a very pretty hill in Pawlet, Vermont.

 “We are Jill and Rico, and Walnut Hill Farm is our farm, our business, and our dream.  Our crops and animals are carefully selected and gently raised; our agriculture is sustainable, humane, and modern.”

You can find our handmade SALAMI (charcuterie) and organic dried flowers at our friends at The Old Milkhouse.



In February of 2017, we moved to a former dairy farm in nearby Pawlet, Vermont.  Since our move, the pastured pork, and flower and grain growing components of our business have expanded and are thriving in their new setting.  



You had me at bacon.
But there are ribs, loins….shoulder, loin, belly, spare ribs,
breakfast sausage, bratwurst…need we say more?

So many choices.

Grandpa’s Stuff Maple CreAM Spread

 Grandpa’s Stuff produces delicious, award-winning, all-natural, maple cream spread made exclusively from 100% Vermont Maple Syrup.

Great with Pancakes, Waffles, Toast, Baked Beans, Roll, Muffins and Peanut Butter Sandwiches!